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David Guetta Feat. Zara Larsson - This One's For You 歌曲已上传到百度附件请登录电脑版百度查看并下载没有收到请追...

this one's 是 this one is 的紧缩形式,for you 表示 “提供给你的” 或 “送你的”,句子的意思是“这一个是送给你的”或“这一个是为你而提供的”。

翻译:这个是给你的。 望采纳!谢谢!

This One's For You 这是给你的 《百度翻译》供你参考。

链接: 密码:b97o

歌曲名:This One'S For You 歌手:Barry Manilow 专辑:The Essential Barry Manilow Jamestown Story - This One's For You Lets sail away, into the lake that we grew up in, where all our dreams were made We'll watch the sun as it fades...

《lighters》:说唱巨星Eminem和旗下新签约的Royce Da 5'9" ,以及情歌小王子Bruno Mars合作的一首歌曲,它是Bad Meets Evil即将发行的EP Hell: The Sequel中的歌曲。 歌词: This one's for you and me, living out our dreams 这首歌是送给你...


世界通用语言 You're my beautiful girl The one in this world Could ever compared to The love I get from you Yeah this one is for you baby This one's for you baby And when you smile It brightens my day You give me purpose I knew ...

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