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只能说楼上各位所用的congratulate用得不恰当,这个词一般用来恭贺别人,祝贺自己用得很少,极为罕见;这种情况下可以用Give me five,这句话是美国人的日常用语,一般就是表示高兴、兴奋、开心,中国人翻译成击掌相庆;想和同伴一起分享自己的...

I have sent the email to you,please check it when you feel free

你好! 你们一路辛苦了好好休息一下吧 You all the way hard and have a good rest

God please help me

Let's sing together

Let's take a trip. 我们去旅行吧

让我最后一次放纵吧, 英文翻译 Let me indulge for the last time,

Let us start.

一、“以后我们就用英语来交流吧。”英文:Let's communicate in English later. 二、也可以是: 1、Let's use English to converse later on. 2、Let's use English to have a conversation later on. 三、Let's用法: Let's就是let us 让我们的...

Let us consider the things about the party, Let us think about the things of the party.

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