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A kinD rEminDEr is

kindly remind you to find the attachment. 温馨提示, 请查阅附件。 kindly remind you to pay more attention to our new products. ...... 一般在写商业函电时用得比较多。

kind reminder 一种提醒 eg.I don't need that kind of reminder, Billy. 我可不需要那种提醒,比利。

英语填空; Thanks to your kind reminder. I come to realize the leading importance of success. 中文意思: 谢谢你的好心提醒. 我开始认识到领先对成功的重要性.

a kindly reminder 友好的提示 kindly remind sb of sth 友好地提示某人某事 要结合语境和使用情况。

Thanks for your reminding me. Thank you for reminding me.

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