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BE up to Do sth

be up to sb to do be up to“由……决定;胜任”。 例如:It's up to you to decide.

sth. be up to sb. 某事是某人的责任 e.g. He should not drive the boy out, it's not up to him. 他不应该把男孩赶出去 ,那不是他的职责。

be up to sth. 胜任、适于;应由......、该由…负责;轮到…;从事,忙于 例句:Which makes it sound as if he will not be up to the job.


be up to something 策划 be up to sb. 取决于,有。。。决定

be up to sth. 胜任某事 hurry up to do 匆忙做某事 准备去做) be busying doing 忙于做某事(正在进行)

不对, BC(because):理论上讲在这种句型中不可以同时出现两个BE动词,这个句型要是去掉一个Be动次才是是对的 。 但也并不是你所要表达的意思,你已经偏离了句意, be up 的意思放到中再结合整个句子的意思应为: 使某物起床, be up = get up...

我也初三,我觉得这些挺有用,希望能帮到你 一、 She used to be a history teacher. 【句型介绍】该句句意为她过去是一名历史老师。 used to do sth. 表过去经常做某事,暗示现在已不再如此,句中to后接动词原形。只能用于过去时态,并且可用于...

The time lost must Be made up for. 损失的时间必须补回来。 A button can be made of bone, wood, glass, or plastic. 扭扣可以用骨头、木头、玻璃或塑料制成。 The trunk seems to be made from camphorwood. 这个箱子象樟木做的。 Waste pro...

He is good to the students. Please add up these figures. He didn't go to bed until 10o'clock. He finished watching his clothes. He got his homework finished. I am concerned about your health. You should have studied hard.

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