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continue doing sth 确定做某事 例句用法 1、His new role could confirm him as one of our leading actors. 他的新角色会确保他跻身我们的一流演员之列。 2、Further scans are required to confirm the diagnosis of an abnormality. 需要进...

个人表示没有听说过comfirm sb to do 通常,是something is comfirmed/ it is comfirmed...类似于 I have already comfirmed the flight date - the flight date has been comfirmed./ the exam date has beed comfired by teachers.

with sb 作方式状语


I need to confirm something with you意思就变成我要确认一些与你在一起的感觉了。 你那是用中文的逻辑直译了,,,

动词 offer 的基本用法:to offer sb. sth. In due course in due course ...或:We confirm our acceptance of your offer of … 若买方只是说:Your ...

Think,believe同义词是suppose(猜想,以为) confirm的意思是证实、确认,同义词是make sure

你好! 使某人确信 convince sb of

331.We can now confirm you the order for 500 bed sheets and pillow anxious to do sth (急切地)想做某事直接译成 很想做某事,很想在我们...


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