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DEsign By mE 和DEsign By mysElF 那个是正确的?

School uniform is not only to facilitate the management of schools, but also conducive to the physical and mental health of students. Imagine such as non-uniform school uniforms, students will be part of each other in the dress...

歌曲名:failure by design 歌手:Brand New 专辑:your favorite weapon Watch you, on the one's and two's. Through a window in a well lit room. Become a recluse. And I blame myself cause I make things hard and your just trying to hel...

都正确 by oneself 意思是“独自地,单独地” sth is designed by me\him 就是说这东西由我(他)设计,是一种普通的说明 sth is designed by meself\himself 也有前者的意思,但是更强调是“靠自己单独设计出来的”。

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