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Winter is a cold season. Though the temperature is very low,but I like it ,I can play with my frends in the playground .I think I can watch TV at home instead of walking outside .So I like winter,because I can do something whic...

which season do you like? 祝你学习进步 天天开心 最最最重要的是 谢谢采纳哟

i like winter best 我最喜欢冬天 双语例句 1 I like winter best, because I like snow and I like making snowmen with my friends. 我最喜欢冬天,因为我喜欢雪,我喜欢和伙伴们堆雪人。

I like winter best What a wonderful season winter is!When winter comes,the world will be covered by the white snow.I can't help thinking about the songs about snow. In winter,I can aso play with snow.Making snowmen,fighting wit...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . My faovirte seaon is winter.

原句:I like winter best. 改为一般疑问句: Do you like winter best?

改为否定句: I don't like winter.

我最爱冬天 因为我爱雪


Do you like winter best?口语上常常有,表达清晰强过句型完整。 这句问话的回答就是Yes, I like winter best.

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