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哈!这个句子也只有用英语表达的时候才有巧妙感了。 PowerPoint是幻灯片展示~ power是力量 point是观点 大多数做幻灯片的人并没有什么力量,也没有什么观点。

做一个ppt Make a ppt 注: make 英 [meɪk] 美 [mek] .vt. 做,制造; 生产,制定; 使成为; 使产生; vi. 开始; 尝试; 行进; 增大; n. 制造; 生产量; 性格; 形状,样式; [例句]I'd just like to make a comment.我只想稍加评论。

Remember the best love is to love others unconditionally rather than make demands on them.


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What would a good city look like? To make a better city, planners aimed at creating a city in which the insalubrious environment and social structure would be defeated by a reordering of physical and social arrangements, so tha...

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