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there's a song that's inside of my soul it's the one that i've tried to write over and over again i'm awake in the infinite cold would you sing to me over and over and over again? so i lay my head back down and i lift my hands ...

歌曲名:Cry 歌手:Mandy Moore 专辑:A Walk To Remember Music From The Motion Picture mandy Moore - cry I'll always remember It was late afternoon It lasted forever And ended too soon You were all by yourself Staring up at a dark g...


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I wanna be with you (我想和你在一起) 歌手:moore mandy 专辑:i wanna be with you I try but I can't seem to get myself to think of anything but you 我无法让自己忘记你的一切 Your breath on my face your warm, gentle kiss I taste t...

中文译音:曼迪,女名。为AMANDA, MANDA, MELINDA的简写。 人们将MANDY描绘为年轻,可爱,精力充沛的女孩,外向且风趣。 著名男子合唱组西城男孩Westlife的歌曲中也有一首是以Mandy为名。

Mandy 英音:['m?ndi] 美音:['m?nd?] 名词 n. 曼蒂(女子名,涵义:值得爱的) 有首歌也叫Mandy,具体的请看这个网址。希望对你有帮助~


Mandy Moore - Hey Come on One, two One, two, three, four It was a couple of years ago I was sitting beside my window Never will make ...

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