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to winD sth. up

包或裹某物: I have wrapped (up) the parcels and they're ready to be...2.~ sth round/around sb/sth wind or fold (a piece of material) round...

can't wait to do sth 迫不及待做某事

takes ,制作这个风铃花了我大概半个小时。 固定搭配:it takes sd sometime to do sth(花费某人多少时间做什么事)

29.A。complain to sb. about sth.向某人抱怨某事。30. A。该句中make 后...根据第二段的the wind picked up earth 和第三段的the angry mountain of ...

link up sth with sth 把……和……连接起来 run through 穿过 be made of 用……制成 it is good to do sth 这样做某事很好Ø The wind is blowing ...

可能是你装的AVAST5跟Win7不兼容,换其他杀软吧, 推荐一个:Eset Smart Security v4.0.474 简体中文版

be opposed to 是固定搭配,意思是“反对” oppose 是及物动词,意思也是“反对”,后面不跟to, 例如: oppose your wish to become an artist; oppose the founding of the Gallery.

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