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Youre Not Sorry Live Chords No CapoIntro: Em7 Cadd9 G D Em7 Cadd9 G D All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around Em7 Cadd9 G D I’ve been giving out chances everytime and all you do is let me down Em7 Cadd9 G D And...

sorry.youare.not authorized toauess the url!是什么意思? 这句话原话可能有误,应该是“Sorry,you are not authorized to use the URL.”对应的中文含义是:“抱歉,你无权(或不能)使用该网址”。

你仔细的看一下你下载的当前选项上方,紧接着的有个协议是单项的选择,点一下 Accept License Agreement 再下载。。。

All this time I was wasting,Hoping you would come around 我只是在以为的浪费时间 希望你会回到我身边 I've been giving out chances every time And all you do is let me down 我已经给了你所有机会 但是每次你总是让我失望 And it's takin...

You should call him to say you are sorry = You should call him ( so ) ( that )( you ) ( can ) say you are sorry. 望采纳!谢谢!

can you understand?强调对方是否“能够”理解, 而do you understand?强调对方是否理解这一结果。 没有太大的区别。 are you understand?(语法错误) 例...

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